Gianfranco Cristiano

Gianfranco has been a hardworking resident of TCDSB Ward 5 (which comprises of City Wards 6, 8, & 18) for 30 years.  As an active member of his community, Gianfranco has contributed to numerous projects and organizations supporting community wealth, development, and partnerships. He organizes the annual Dufferin and Lawrence Community Picnic and has worked closely with the Columbus Centre on cultural events and programs.

Gianfranco attended St. Charles Elementary School. He then completed High School at Chaminade College and went on to earn a diploma in Business Management from George Brown College. With 22 years of experience in customer service at “The Hudson’s Bay Company” Yorkdale location and 14 years at “Green For Life Environmental”, Gianfranco has gained extensive skills that can be applied to the role of School Trustee. He is well versed in management and conflict resolution, often leading teams and offering strategies for improvement. Further, Gianfranco has contributed to political campaigns in the municipal, provincial, and federal governments; supporting and standing for the rights of the community. Gianfranco has strong roots in this community as he was born and raised in the Dufferin-Lawrence neighbourhood, where his family continues to reside.

Gianfranco is dedicated to give the much needed attention to Catholic Schools in the ever-changing Ward 5 to improve them significantly. As our community and society on a larger scale, continue to change at a drastic rate, it is vital that parents and children are informed and equipped for the future.

In the Community

What People Are Saying

"Gianfranco Cristiano is a passionate supporter of catholic education who will see to it that parents will get a voice in ensuring our students get the very best education possible in our local catholic schools. Gianfranco has my full support as your local TCDSB trustee."

Mike Colle

"Gianfranco Cristiano would make a wonderful TCDSB Trustee. He is an active member of his community for the past 20 years, involved with many numerous projects and organizations, which supports community activities. He is passionate about helping youth have a stronger voice and supporting our Catholic Schools. Gianfranco represents change for today and hope for tomorrow."

Louise Russo

"Gianfranco is an excellent candidate! I have known him for many years as a stalwart member of the Dufferin and Lawrence community. I strongly agree with his focus on languages and math being strengthened in the school curriculum and I’m excited by the new energy he will bring to the board of Catholic School Trustees. It’s time for some fresh faces on the board and I heartily endorse Gianfranco!"

Luigi Rizzo
My Goals

The change we need. The voice we deserve.

To equip schools with the supplies and programs which are needed for teachers to carry out their tasks when teaching students. The students, your children, are our most precious resource and our future. Currently, money is being spent but not allocated properly. We must listen to our educators, to parents, and to students in understanding what is needed to carry out the most effective teaching methods.

To protect the International Languages programs in all schools. Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Learning about one's own culture is very important in understanding each other as people. Restricting our children to learn about culture, heritage and languages outside of school in private classes will limit the amount of children that can be exposed to this very important subject.

Transportation: There is a lack of School Bus Drivers; we need to find out why and determine how to address this quickly. Long travel times are unnecessary and by sitting down with our vendors we will explore this area and come up with a solution.

Math and English Testing results: It is crucial to assess a student's strengths and weaknesses to determine how to make them a stronger student. Testing results provides us with an indication on whether a student is on track and grasps the knowledge at hand. Students who score poorly, are currently not subject to an effective “Action Plan” that will help them get to the levels they need to be at. We need to create a program that addresses this issue specifically. In order to prepare our children for their futures, we need strong leadership and commitment from the Schools and the School Board.

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